Term Dates

Academic year 2017/18

Term School Term Begins School Term Ends
One Monday 4th September 2017 Thursday 19th October 2017
Two Monday 30th October 2017 Friday 15th December 2017
Three Wednesday 3rd January 2018 Friday 9th February 2018
Four Monday 19th February 2018 Friday 23rd March 2018
Five Monday 9th April 2018 Friday 25th May 2018
Six Tuesday 5th June 2018 Friday 20th July 2018

Academic year 2018/19

Term School Term Begins School Term Ends
One Wednesday 5th September 2018 Thursday 25th October 2018
Two Monday 5th November 2018 Friday 21st December 2018
Three Tuesday 8th January 2019 Friday 15th February 2019
Four Monday 25th February 2019 Friday 5th April 2019
Five Tuesday 23rd April 2019 Friday 24th May 2019
Six Monday 3rd June 2019 Friday 19th July 2019

Inset Days

    The term dates above include all the inset days


  • Schools must meet for at least 380 sessions in each academic year (i.e. 190 days).
  • Teaching staff are required to work a further five days each year for the purpose of professional training.
  • All schools will have 5 days of training/planning spread throughout the year.
  • Schools will be closed to pupils on these days.
  • Training/planning days are organised individually by each school.